Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Restaurant Trends are Over, Trending and Upcoming in 2014?

You have an awesome recipe... you love to eat out... you are in awe of some restaurants and wonder how others stay in business... you want to be self-employed... you want to own and operate a restaurant business that's a sure success...

That's a noble dream and it's by all means possible; just do your homework, your due diligence. What do you need to do? It's all laid out for you in Frank Stocco's book How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence, which you really should get your hands on. You can also check out ideas and trends at Nation's Restaurant News and other professional publications.

In a nutshell,your homework includes:
  • Your concept and vision, menu, restaurant name
  • A business plan, broken down by categories (eg. concept and vision, players, key employee needs, philosophy, geographical strategy, and others)
  • Financing options
  • Site selection; factors and negotiations
  • Design team needs
  • Contractors needed
  • Equipment choices, bidding, purchasing
  • Employee decisions, needs, policies, hiring, training
  • Grand opening ideas
  • And more...
Again, you think you have the concept started. Do you know the trends? Does it matter? It might. Do you know what restaurant trends are Over, Trending and Upcoming? Take a look at one consultant's evaluation... "After a quick rundown of the trends that are winding down, what’s currently trending and what we’re likely to see next year (see some examples below), Freeman outlined other food, beverage and restaurant trends the industry may see in 2014." More...