Monday, June 25, 2012

Five Uncommon Strategies for Restaurant Success

I saw this article in Restaurant News recently. This info of course is helpful after you do your Due Diligence in opening your restaurant or food service facility. Get the book How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence (from Amazon or NRD website) by food service consultant Frank Stocco of National Restaurant Design Inc., to follow the proper steps to cost effective design and set-up information, well before you open. Then you are ready to  implement the steps and tips featured in this article by the NRA.

"If you ask successful restaurant owners the secrets of their success, most will tell you to treat your staff extremely well, be ready to work very long hours, and be extra careful when choosing both investors and partners.
 But, most of them also will have one or more unconventional philosophies or strategies that have served as linchpins to their success. Recently, I interviewed 20 independent restaurant owners from across the country, and the following are five of the many interesting, out-of-the-box comments that caught my attention.

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Nikki said...

Very useful strategies, If anybody implement these the could be get success.

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