Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Launched - How to Open A Restaurant: Due Diligence

My book is launched....
How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence.

My book is now released. I wrote it for those of you who've been thinking of opening a restaurant, bar, cafe, coffee shop, catering company, cafeteria, grill, pizza place, fast food or high end, really any venue at all.

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Here is another excerpt from the book...

Financing Summary
We have discussed many creative ways you can fund a restaurant. A combination of funding and sources may be the only way to fully finance, but if your concept and vision are solid and all aspects of your business model are enticing, you will get funded—no question about it. If you do your due diligence, you will generate an abundant amount of interest in your project. And remember, everything you do to obtain funding needs to be implemented with the highest level of integrity. I’d wish you good luck, but it’s not “luck” that will get you funded. Successful funding lies in your abilities.

Until you are fully funded, do not sign leases, purchase equipment, employ designers or a general contractor, nor promise anyone money. Once funded, you’ve completed Phase 1 and will start executing Phase 2, your in-depth chronological map to realizing your dream. A good execution of Phase 2 will literally save you aggravation, time, and tens of thousands of dollars.

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—Frank Stocco

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