Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Launched - How to Open A Restaurant: Due Diligence

My book is launched....
How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence.

My book is now released. I wrote it for those of you who've been thinking of opening a restaurant, bar, cafe, coffee shop, catering company, cafeteria, grill, pizza place, fast food or high end, really any venue at all.

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Here is another excerpt from the book...

Financing Summary
We have discussed many creative ways you can fund a restaurant. A combination of funding and sources may be the only way to fully finance, but if your concept and vision are solid and all aspects of your business model are enticing, you will get funded—no question about it. If you do your due diligence, you will generate an abundant amount of interest in your project. And remember, everything you do to obtain funding needs to be implemented with the highest level of integrity. I’d wish you good luck, but it’s not “luck” that will get you funded. Successful funding lies in your abilities.

Until you are fully funded, do not sign leases, purchase equipment, employ designers or a general contractor, nor promise anyone money. Once funded, you’ve completed Phase 1 and will start executing Phase 2, your in-depth chronological map to realizing your dream. A good execution of Phase 2 will literally save you aggravation, time, and tens of thousands of dollars.

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—Frank Stocco

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's January. First Things First for Restaurateurs

I've been looking at the books for those of you that are biting at the bit to open a restaurant. The 2 books I saw on Amazon seemed like they had quite a bit of information, but relative to your plan I don't know. It seemed as though the authors wanted to make sure they touched on everything. However, communication in our society today needs to be to the point and concise. There is no time for fluff and fill.

I've written a book for you with chronological instructions for gathering all the data and information you need for your specific concept and venue. There is no reason for you to waste your time reading about what a coffee shop needs when you are opening a night club. This book, How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence, includes the major areas of concern, and instructs you how to gather the specific information and do the specific tasks pertaining to your unique concept. It will become a resource for you and a journal for taking and keeping notes of important information that you can refer to in future endeavours.

I want you to succeed. But you need to do your due diligence before you sign anything like a lease or a loan. This book is not a restaurant management book. This book will help you with what you need to do and know before you open. You are always advised to seek professionals. This book helps you discover which consultants you need for advice and services in order to succeed. Instructions included are:
  1. Concept and Vision
  2. Business Plan
  3. Financing
  4. Site Selection
  5. Key Personnel
  6. Design Team
  7. General Contracting
  8. Equipment Purchasing
  9. Miscellaneous Equipment
  10. Policies and Procedures
  11. Employee Hiring
  12. Employee Training
  13. Grand Opening
Follow the instructions in the book with care, and you will minimize the costly mistakes that could bring a halt to your vision and conversly begin your successful business with confidence.

If you would like a sample from the book or would like to pre-order contact The book website will be up and running soon for online orders. Bookmark:

Here's to 2011 and business success!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Want to Open a Restaurant or Foodservice Facility This Year!

Happy 2011! This is a good time to start your due diligence toward starting your own business, or opening a second location. I have a book just for those that want to get into the foodservice business, or even people who are already in it. The book How To Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence is in publishing right now and I hope it's ready by the end of the month. To order or find out more you can go to
Read an excerpt from the book...

"There has never been a book in the foodservice industry that focuses solely on the expertise needed to open a restaurant. All the published books and manuals focus on restaurant and foodservice management. This manual is designed to provide a detailed guide to opening your restaurant within a required and realistic pre-opening budget. Realizing your concept and vision will save countless thousands of dollars in every aspect of opening your foodservice facility. There are statistics available that indicate the success and failure rate of foodservice facilities. These statistics do not tell you why restaurants fail, only that an unacceptable number do fail. So what does the general public and banking institution assume? They assume that restaurant failure is due to mismanagement and a lack of expertise. In some cases that is true. However, in most cases, the fate is sealed the day the restaurateur is fully committed to open a restaurant or foodservice facility.

The first question a venture capitalist or lending institution will ask you is, “What is your culinary background and are you qualified to manage a restaurant?” I am sure your answer will be a resounding “yes” and I am sure you will be able to back that up with documentation of exceptional qualifications. My question is, “Are you qualified to open a restaurant?” There are many great chefs and restaurant managers who have failed due to what happens before the restaurant opens. Was the restaurant mismanaged? Absolutely not. Think about it. Have you ever seen a restaurant close and wonder why because they were always so busy? It happens all the time. Most likely they were under-capitalized—even tens of thousands of dollars in the red, the day they opened.

The main reason so many restaurants fail is that they are mismanaged before, not after, they open. It is a very complex endeavor, but definitely not impossible. You can realize your concept and vision with confidence if you do your Due Diligence. In this step by step manual, How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence, I will take you from the conceptual stage to the Grand Opening so you can go beyond.

The goal is to save you literally thousands of dollars, and even help you gain financial advantage by using this chronological comprehensive guide. Each instructional chapter is a true workbook style manual with space for notes and vital information that pertains to the respective Instruction.

Even seasoned restaurateurs will benefit from all of the tips, tactics and organizational information presented. When the 13 Instructions are studied and followed, the worksheets completed and your restaurant is open, you will have an in-depth journal that contains all of your critical information. This will serve as an invaluable resource for your success in future endeavors."

- Frank Stocco

This manual and workbook will get you started on the right track. Even if you read it first and do the workbook the second time around... do your homework, and that's what I'm giving you in this book.