Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Projects in the Works

Business has been lean the last year, but work is picking up. It's primarily the chains and fewer of the "mom & pop" shops. The chains have a credit history making it easier for them to get financing. However, creative financing is becoming more common, such as private investors and landlords as investors.
My current restaurant consulting, layout and design projects include:
  • Paco's Taco's in North Carolina, 6000 square foot space
  • La Nova in Buffalo, New York, 14,000 square foot space
  • Blu Bistro in St. Martin's, 14,000 square foot space
  • Hooter's in Illinois
There's money to be made in the restaurant business because people are still eating out a ton. Doing your homework on your restaurant concept such as getting your plan drawn up, writing out your business plan, gathering the estimates and costs, estimating the profits and losses, choosing the space, negotiating leases, choosing your designers and equipment suppliers and the rest will get you going on the right track.

I'd be happy to give you a no obligation consult to get you started in the right direction and offer you a quote for our food service design expertise and services.

Find my contact info on my website: National Restaurant Design Co.

Frank Stocco, Restaurant Consultant and Layout Designer