Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer - A Great Time for Planning Your Restaurant

Granted many businesses slow down in the summer months while people relax and vacation. But, what better time is there than now to gather the info you need to start your new restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, bar, or other food facility.

With concept in hand, grab your phone and your notepad to contact a restaurant consultant or restaurant designer first. First things first are the concept plan and the drawing of your space. These you will need for the next steps with the city for approvals, the contractors, and the equipment companies for bids.

While you are working on your layout drawings with a designer you can be putting together a list of contractors for building, equipment companies, a graphic designer for your logo, menu, signage and web site, an interior designer if needed for colors and furnishings, etc.

In this day and age with email, text messages, twitter and facebook, directory listings and the like, the best and most productive contacts are still by phone or face to face. So, while you are sitting by the pool relaxing, grab your phone and start talking to people. You can nurse your tan and work toward making money in your new business.

Frank Stocco, Restaurant Consultant and Designer
National Restaurant Design Co.