Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Versus Used Equipment

Before you purchase food service equipment make sure you have a finished design. Many people will purchase equipment before a restaurant design firm has finished the layout. You never want to compromise your space by designing around already purchased equipment. Select your equipment based on the drawing and the equipment specified by your restaurant design firm. A good food service consultant will specify the type and brand of equipment that you request and require. Now that you have your finished design you can purchase the equipment. The restaurant design firm will provide you with a good bid specification package with all the needed accessories. Send it to at least three equipment supply companies for competitive bids. If you chose to supply your kitchen with used equipment make sure that it matches the specifications dictated by your restaurant design firm. You may have an opportunity to purchase used equipment that is similar but does not match your drawing. Consult with you restaurant designer. They will change the design to make the equipment fit if possible. Before purchasing used equipment consider the following.

Does the equipment fit your design and specifications, will the equipment do the job necessary to service your menu, how long is the warranty, how old is the equipment, is the equipment certified NSF and is it at least 40% cheaper than new. Consult with your local health department before purchasing. They will require you to provide them with the make, model number and specifications sheet.

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