Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Economic Design

Thousand's of dollars can be saved with great restaurant design and layout. That could be the determining factor that will allow you to move forward with your project. The importance of an independent food service designer/consultant can make a massive difference. They work without conflicts of interest. The following considerations are what is needed to accomplish economic restaurant design.

1. The restaurant designer should only specify the equipment needed to service your menu and clients.
2. Eliminate custom stainless steel kitchen equipment. Catalog equipment (buy-out) works just as well. Custom equipment is specified mainly to elevate the equipment package.
3. Reduce the amount of plumbing locations. A great restaurant designer will use as many shared plumbing rough-ins as possible. Thousands of dollars could easily be wasted with poor plumbing locations.
4. Design Green. Restaurant designers have a tendency to not pay any attention to energy savings. With the proper research, thousands of dollars can be saved with energy efficient equipment such as exhaust hoods, dishwashers, ice makers, cooking equipment and refrigeration.
5. Always look at alternative finishes in the dinning room. A good interior designer will give you many alternative finishes to expensive finishes such as granite.


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