Monday, October 13, 2008

Conflicts of interest

There are many restaurant designers that call themselves consultants. There are two categories of restaurant designers. The first being the independent restaurant designer and the second is the restaurant equipment company that has a design staff. A true consulting firm has only the client in mind and eliminates all conflicts of interest. The design staff from a restaurant equipment company is required to draw and specify the equipment that they would like to sell you, not necessarily what you need. They specify custom equipment knowing that catalog equipment will do just fine at a fraction of the cost. Their goal is to sell you as much equipment as possible.That creates a major conflict of interest. An independent restaurant designer only has your best interest in mind. It is their job to draw according to your budget based on your concept, vision and the utmost efficiency. The independent restaurant design firm will create the best possible design, specify only the equipment necessary for your operation and create bid documents that enable you to have your project competitively bid. The bottom line is; hire an independent. You will receive a design by a food service expert, you will save thousands of dollars in equipment and mechanical costs and you will truly eliminate all conflicts of interest.


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