Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Big Wow Factor"

The "big wow factor" is a term used for a customer's first impression when entering your establishment. It is an important component to the success of your restaurant, bar, lounge, or other food facility. It is also important to dedicate a significant amount of your budget to create that big wow factor. Some restaurant design firms ignore this component and eat up your budget with poor commercial kitchen design, unnecessary equipment and poor choices or placement of food service equipment. Let me explain...

  1. A good restaurant design firm will only specify the equipment that is necessary to service your customer in the most efficient way.
  2. The expert will design in a way that reduces the need for multiple plumbing and electrical rough-ins. That is a large part of the budget that can be squandered with absolutley no net return.
  3. The right designer will eliminate the need for custom equipment which is generally twice the cost of catalog-type of equipment.
  4. A great restaurant design firm will be very mindful of the "big wow factor" and not blow your entire budget in the kitchen.

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